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Aventis College of Business is among the most reputed Business College Singapore and they have quite a name in the province of MBA in Singapore.
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Go Green Environmental Education

The Go Green Initiative was set up in 2002 in Pleasanton, California by Jill BuckThe Go Green Initiative is an Environmental Education & Stewardship Programme found in all fifty states and in thirteen nations.It is free to all colleges and operating in pre-schools thru colleges. The key beliefs of the GGI follow the acronym GREEN and stand for :

* Generate compost. This is nature’s way of recycling. Thru basic and worm composting programs, kids find out more about ecology, biology and waste reduction.

* Everything that can’t be reused and purchase items that may be recycled. With fast shrinking dump space and lessening resources, recycling hasn’t ever been more critical. Recycling items like paper, plastic, aluminium and ink cartridges decreases poisonous greenhouse gas emissions and preserves energy.Manage E-waste by finding creative answers to divert obsolete PC parts, cell-phones and other such devices from the waste stream. Colleges that recycle provide sorely-needed materials to makers who produce recycled products.

* Educate scholars, teachers and parents on environmentally-responsible behaviour. When scholars, teachers and folks work in cooperation to make their colleges ecologically friendly, they are much more likely to take the same behaviors into their off campus lives. Our target is to make environmentally responsible college communities across the country and across the world.

* Evaluate the environmental impact of each activity. Identify products and practices that would threaten the healthiness of kids and the world around them. Consider enhancing the campus environment with activities like getting shot of unjustifiable power usage ; evaluating the lethality of insecticides utilized in study rooms and on play areas ; improving out of doors air quality through increased carpooling efforts ; and working to enhance indoor air quality.

There are big gains to be made in public education — potential reforms for what hurts the system and promising inventions to bring it to the sharp edge. But every situation for improvement takes for granted the good health and endurance of our ecosystem. Are we able to say that continuing pollution of air, water, and soil together with intense weather and other effects of global warming, won’t hamper our critical attempts to effect change? Sadly , no. Without serious support, the planet won’t offer a safe context for expansion or learning. Luckily, this fact hasn’t escaped many individuals invested in education culture. Scholars , teachers, directors, and environmental activists have found paths to integrate data and appreciation of Earth’s flimsiness with classwork and community service, meticulously mixing concern with action to help children feel engaged and hopeful.

That’s also our target with this “Go Green” issue of Edutopia.Each section of the mag is tied to the theme, from the Editor’s Note to Cool Faculties to Design, and we improve the entire package with feature stories devoted to an exploration of green curriculum, a glance at those bringing environmental awareness to education, and projects that involve scholars and teachers without delay with protection of the environment.

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