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Aventis College of Business is among the most reputed Business College Singapore and they have quite a name in the province of MBA in Singapore.
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Green Education and Sustainability in Faculties Promotes Organic Lifestyles

“Sustainable development won’t only be in the lecture room: it’ll be in its bricks and mortar and the way the college uses and generates its own power. Our scholars will not only be told about viable development, they’re going to see and work inside it: a living, learning place in which to explore what a tolerable lifestyle means.”

Years gone, the term “green college” would simply have referred to the colour of the paint on the walls. But with today’s raised energy costs, increased responsibility and reduced operating and capital budgets, education decision-makers are “becoming green” to become better and supply a healthier environment for improved student learning.

Schools are increasingly turning to “green” or tolerable design and its elements in the development of new faculties and the refurbishment of existing colleges. Green design addresses improved indoor air quality, energy conservation (reduced use, costs and result on the environment), and the usage of natural material and resources, which ends in a better learning and teaching environment.

A research paper from the nation’s organisation of Independent Colleges details how colleges can cut back their carbon print.
Here are the top 10 Tips to Go Green:
1. Take on an environmental mission statement for your college.
2. Buy food from local farmers and sellers.
3. Install solar energy panels on your campus.
4. Make folk mindful of your school’s energy use by posting monthly use information for public viewing (or make a real-time display).
5. Create an environmental stewardship panel on the board of trustees.
6. Start a college garden and serve food from it in class meals or functions.
7. Turn off all needless electric appliances over holidays and weekends.
8. Join an energy competition among independent colleges.
9. Invite the local citizenry to hear outside speakers present on environmental and supportability subjects.
10. Invest in a recycling programme concerning the whole college community.

There are several aspects to becoming green including recycling, composting, employing alternative power sources and making an investment in energy-efficient appliances. Many faculties are on the way to becoming supportable colleges. In Wisconsin, Wausau West School experienced issues with indoor air quality and high bills. The high-school put into effect a new HVAC method making allowance for one hundred % outside air ventilation and reduced energy usage. This tactic ended in saving more than $100,000 yearly in energy and an indoor air quality improvement of more than three hundred percent.

Following are methods to create viable faculties and a glance at some colleges that are doing precisely that.

Day lighting
Day lighting is the practice of placing windows, or other clear media, and reflective surfaces so that natural light provides effective internal illumination.
Within the final architectural design of a building, particular attention is given to day lighting when the target is to maximise visible comfort, productiveness or to reduce energy use. Energy savings from day lighting are achieved in 2 ways – either from the reduced use of electric lighting, or from passive solar cooling or heating.
The effect of day lighting was studied in the latter 1990s to bare its impact on student learning. A study of more than 21,000 scholars in California, Washington and Colorado made public test score increases of twenty-six % in reading and twenty % in maths.

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