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• Sunday, March 20th, 2011

In this piece, the 2nd of 2 articles in the same series, I would like to momentarily touch on some of the most significant reasons to join the Marines Corps. There are six official reasons to join the Marines Corps. The first article dealt with the 1st 3 reasons and this article is going to inspect the following 3 reasons to join the Marines Corps. These reasons are labelled ; Necessary to our liberty, an entire life of accomplishment and a more satisfying life.

1. Critical to our Liberties
Listed below are the most significant elements to this reason.
A.First to battle – The Marines have earned the reputation as “America’s 911 Force” because they are thought to be America’s first defensive line. The Sea Corps can reply very fast to any threat to the US nationwide interest. What makes the Marines unique is that they can make a response to threats on the ground, in the sea and in the air.

B.History- The Marines Corps has a long and famous history- stretching back to 1775. C.Deployments- During any deployments, Marines take on a big assortment of roles that aren’t just solely combat oriented. They have key coaching roles in the emergent nationwide militaries in Iraq and Afghanistan. They also help with humanitarian efforts in these places.

D.Ground contest Roles- These include ; infantry, artillery, reconnaisance, intelligence, attack amphibian, tanks and combat engineering

2. A life of accomplishment
Listed below are the most significant elements to this reason.
A.Leadership Skills- a job in the Sea Corps will make you a good leader. Command abilities that can be utilised in numerous sides of civilian life including business. Marines are taught to make good calls quickly and to act spontaneously.

B.Deployments in Africa- The Marines are working in several African countries to enable better peacekeeping and collaboration between and inside states. Work is occurring inside nineteen nations including Ghana and Senegal.

3. An improved life
Listed below are the most significant elements to this reason.
A.Education- Marines can obtain access to subsidised further education programs while still serving in the Marines Corps but also after their career in the Marines has finished. Up to one hundred percent of the charges will be paid. The Marines Corps believe that males and females with further education are a genuine asset to their communities.

B.Emblem Ceremony- Once a Sea hire has successfully finished the Cooking pot , the emblem rite is a graduation into the Marines Corps.

C.The Gear- The Marines Corps are given the best technology, weapons and kit to win battles. From M16s to MRAP autos, great quality gear supplies the Marines with the edge they require.

D.Dress Blues- are the most particular uniform in the army. They represent the great history, pride and ability of the Marines Corps. The famous buttons of the eagle and the anchor have been in continued use since 1804.

So there we are, 3 more convincing reasons that explain why a vocation in the Marines Corps would be such a worthy choice. I am hoping that you have enjoyed studying this report. Please verify out my other articles and see if you want to read any more.

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