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Leading Changes in Colleges

In most organizations ‘ change program, the correct speed of change is typically ignored. Most leaders are anxious to get results and therefore apply uncalled for pressures on those concerned in the midst .In Singapore colleges; such a situation is a commonplace. Almost all of the initiatives will need much effort and time of the teachers, on top of their already-heavy load. Such a situation frequently causes trouble and the principal has to address the problems.

Developing Folks
The folks who are involved in a change program need to be suitably schooled to meet the issues. A good principal would make sure that the staff’s potential is developed for plenty of reasons. First if the staffs aren’t trained well to try the new responsibilities of the drive, the program won’t be a hit. Second, a principal who develops and authorizes the staff in the anxious change program will be more ready to persuade them to commit to it. By doing this, a principal can demonstrate leadership by sharing leadership with the staff in the high school. Through  enabling others, the principal can also raise his / her standing and power.

Evaluating the System
The principal must consistently monitor the method of a new college initiative. The first enthusiasm which has been built up the principal may decline because of the absence of a good analysis system .An effective analysis system would permit the principal to see the failings and to refine the program due to changing circumstances. A good analysis system for a thinking program would is composed of school room observations on the teaching of the thinking tools and feedback from those that are concerned in the change process.

To further reinforce the evaluative facet of the program, the principal could brainstorm with the staff on the factors of what are thought to be desired outcomes of the new initiatives. To be more explicit, a good change leader would spell out what are the short and long term desired results of the program and base the analyses on such targets. The evaluative process must be pragmatic and fair by including proper time frames for achieving them. This would chill the fears of the teachers and to be certain that they wouldn’t resort to cosmetic measures in the midst of change.

An effective analysis system would also be used to guarantee the continuing momentum of a change program. Most change programs may start out enthusiastically but they typically lose steam at the end. The facility to maintain the first keenness and dedication to the vision is so, a vital criterion of a good principal. She must be well placed to recharge the interest of the teachers by consistently reminding them and inspiring them to attain desired outcomes. In a thinking program, a principal could hold monthly meetings to discuss the progress and to share success stories of the program to maintain the interest of the teachers. If the interest and eagerness of the staff to the initiatives can be maintained throughout more change programs will achieve success in colleges.

During the method of writing this paper, the writer felt that certain issues should be addressed. One of the key issues appears to lie in the pacing of new initiatives introduced by the Ministry of Education. Due to this, a principal is stretched for effort and time in juggling with the new initiatives. This, as shown in the actual example, generally leads to other good college programs going thru a roller-coaster ride of eagerness.

Another issue hooked up to the above is the necessity to improve the analysis and rating techniques of the principals by the Ministry. Currently the analysis has a tendency to be unsound, as the Ministry doesn’t truly know the interior workings of the college. There should be a 360 degrees Feedback Survey whereby the staff (especially the teachers); pupils and elders are to appraise the usefulness of the principal in leading a program. It could be considered time-intensive nonetheless it will make sure that principals don’t adopt cosmetic measures to cover drawbacks of any new programs.

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