• Sunday, December 19th, 2010

School videos have the unique capability to introduce new people, resources, experiences and locations into the school room in such a manner that may engage your scholars like no other medium can. The power of visuals and audio will appeal to both of your learners that depend on these sensory aspects. When you incorporate activities that are hands-on, the utilization of video will engage your learners that are kinesthetic.

Whether the video is used to show scholars to a lesson or idea strengthen content which has already been learned, or to improve or extend the content, you can consider video and its use as a process that includes 4 aspects. When you implement these aspects in this order, you can deliver a better experience for your scholars and create an environment where they are going to learn something, too!
Step one: The Enticement Teachers frequently use college videos to just entice the scholar into needing to learn more. This sort of video is normally a short piece that’s sometimes no longer than approximately fifteen mins. It’ll frequently represent a new concept in such a way in which it makes scholars asking to learn extra info about the precise subject.

Step two: the key Event When it is employed as the first tool in the lesson, the video offers most or all of the vital info that’s wanted to be covered to learn a particular goal. Whether or not the video is long enough and includes enough info to cover the subject, it shouldn’t be used without extra activities. You should generally incorporate the video into dialogues, interrogating, hands-on activities or writing activities.

Step three: The Extras The video doesn’t always need to be used to entice scholars or to cover the whole lesson. It can be used as something a little bonus to improve the lesson that’s delivered in the standard technique. This step permits you to supply a new point of view that’s then fortified with a key idea.
Step four: The Finish you may employ a video to finish a lesson. One strategy for doing this is once you finish reading a book, scholars might like watching the video of the book and comparing the way the video version is either similar or dissimilar from the book version. This inspires beefing up of the lesson while also providing an environment where scholars think outside the lesson itself.

Video as a Tool take into account those college videos are engineered to be tools to help boost the lesson, not as a substitute for the lesson. To make certain you attain this goal, manipulate the medium by “directing” the experience. Pause the video to chat about what your scholars have just seen, introduce a new idea in a hands-on exercise or raise questions so scholars can guess what’s going to occur next.
You can also mute the sound to have scholars apply their own or switch off the picture so your scholars can use the sound to make their own images. Both strategies can be productive for making an environment where scholars must think outside the info in the video and apply abstract thinking to figure out the way the ideas fit into their world. It sounds much more difficult than it is and a little planning can help you to maximise the utilisation of school videos in your school room.

The most valuable and reasonable resource for reinforcing your study room lessons is still academic videos and educational DVDs. So take care you are using video the proper way and see instant benefits in your scholars ‘ engagement, retention and test performance by downloading and watching “The seven Biggest Mistakes Teachers Make Using Video in the School room ” at this time! Teachers in the 21st century school room will be better tutors if they know the simplest way to use multimedia in their lessons, if they know the systems that studies have shown to be the best for improved student performance, and if they know the way to find quality video resources that may augment their lessons.

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