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• Tuesday, August 17th, 2010

Dundee – Angus is the 4th biggest town in Scotland. It lies on the banks of the Firth of Tay and feeds into the North Sea. The town surrounds the basalt plug of an extinct volcano named the Dundee Law. As this is Scotland’s only south facing town, it’s been characterized as the warmest and sunniest. This area has been steadily occupied by people since the Mesolithic period. Today the town is known as the ” Town of Discovery”.

The town hosts to schools, University of Abertay Dundee and the College of Dundee. The town has a population of roughly a hundred and forty 2000 folk. There are lots of things worth doing in this area to keep a visitor busy. As an example, Dundee offers a Farmer’s Market one Sat. a month between the months of Apr and October. A visitor to the market can find all kinds of fresh items, beef, chickens and fruit fresh from the farm.

There also are shopping malls in the town that offer all kinds of products. A visiting patron should definitely check out the Murraygate and Wellgate malls. If you are searching for a bargain, the Dundee waterfront is the place to be. There are factory outlets that guarantee designer labels at inexpensive prices. Naturally when in Scotland, look for tartan and what better place to test out than the Strathmore Woolen Company.

This family owned business is one of Scotland’s most renowned providers of authentic tartan fabrics. They supply Highland normal wear for grown-ups and kids. There are numerous studios and shops to see for the artist. The Dundee Contemporary humanities building homes two studios for art exhibitions. This studio also has the Centre & Jute Caf Bar. There’s also the Eduardo Alessandro Studios.

This unique art and crafts complicated is in a 2 story two hundred years old cottage. It showcases Scottish paintings, prints, jewelery and ceramic designs. Dundee, found in Scotland is one city which has a lot of things worth doing.There are numerous places to visit from museums, studios or local shops. A visitor can also visit the various castles the area hosts.Dundee is one area a person can be busy or relax by the water.

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